Discover the Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Building

12 April 2011

Are you searching for facts on prefabricated steel buildings? If so, then you have come to the right place on the Web. JDG Construction specializes in the supply and erection of pre-engineered steel buildings. These buildings have wide applications in agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars and commercial and retail construction.

Here are some of the immense benefits offered by prefab steel structures:

Low Cost of Construction – Since all the components of the building are cut to the right size in the production plant , they can be easily assembled and fitted together and cost of labor involved in construction gets greatly reduced.

Strength and Durability – Being made of one of the most durable and resilient materials available, they show resistance to extreme climatic conditions like snow, earthquakes, hurricanes etc.

Less Time for Construction – Prefabricated buildings require much less time for construction as all the steel pieces are already cut to appropriate sizes, drilled and welded so that they can be easily bolted, screwed and assembled together.

Warranty and Insurance – Some manufacturers offer a 25 yr warranty on a prefab steel building. Moreover, you can get a better deal from insurance companies since these buildings are resistant to fire, termites and extreme weather conditions.

Energy Efficient – Prefabricated steel buildings are energy efficient as they remain cool during summers and warm during winters since the inside is highly insulated.

Besides the aforementioned benefits these buildings are environmentally friendly since steel is a recyclable material. These buildings are becoming a preferred choice since they have turned out to be a stronger alternative. Though prefabricated buildings could be a great choice for those seeking cost effective building solutions, make sure that the steel building provider is using only fine quality material.