Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings – A Revolution in the Construction Industry

02 February 2015

With construction activities increasing at a remarkable pace, pre-engineered steel buildings have become a well-accepted substitute for conventional buildings. From simple small storage buildings to large complex industrial buildings, this type of construction has proved to be an excellent solution to the numerous challenges related to construction in the conventional way.

Portable and ready-to-assemble, pre-engineered steel buildings are fabricated in a factory, so that they can be easily moved and speedily erected in order to construct the buildings unit. Creating a revolution in the field of pre fabricated buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings offer many benefits compared to other pre-fabricated buildings made from metals other than steel.

Since steel is a recyclable material ( 66% of the metal could be recycled) these buildings are environment friendly and thereby help in the prevention of pollution.

Despite the fact that steel is an expensive metal, these buildings are economical as they are Ready-to-Assemble Architectural structure and are easily assembled. The labor and materials involved in construction of pre-engineered steel buildings is considerably less and therefore the price involved is reduced appreciably.

Since these buildings are constructed in-house and then assembled at the construction site; they are built meticulously and with dimensional precision. This, in turn, ensures maximum effectiveness and appropriate utilization of space.

These buildings require less maintenance as compared to other traditional buildings as steel is highly durable and fire resistant. Moreover, it is insect and termite resistant and on application of special coating it becomes rust proof. All these benefits reduce the cost of maintenance of these buildings significantly.

The stability, strength and durability ensured by pre-engineered buildings enable them to withstand extreme climatic conditions like earthquake, cyclonic wind, heavy snowfall or rain. Furthermore, being non -combustible they are fire protected and are therefore more resilient.

Offering a vast assortment of affordable and durable options, pre-engineered steel buildings offer affordability and flexibility, among the aforementioned benefits. Pre-engineered steel buildings are now being used in almost all complex applications and have revolutionized and taken the entire construction industry by storm.