Standing Seam Roof

A standing seam roof is a metal roof that is raised above the plain of the purlins and its metal panels are seamed together along the slope of the building.

On a pre-engineered steel building, the simplest way to finish a roof is to screw the metal roof panel straight through the insulation into the purlins. This is a simple, effective roof great for small shops and buildings located in mild climates. The relatively new option of a standing seam roof eliminates the need for fasteners and provides many other advantages over a standard screw down roof.

With a standing seam roof system, panel’s clips are fastened to the purlins and the roof cladding fits into these clips. Where the roof cladding panels lap, both panels and the panel clips are all interlocked and seamed, or lapped, to form a weather tight seal.



Advantages of a standing seam roof

Weather tight : Like all roofing methods used on pre-engineered steel buildings, a standing seam roof along with all the necessary trims, is a completely weather tight system

Thermal Movement: A standing seam roof in a pre-engineered steel building allows for the roof panel to move with the changes in metal temperature changes can cause.Especially for very large roofs, this system allows the panels to expand and contract as the outside temperature increases or decreases.

Maintenance: Standing seam roofs, like all pre-engineered steel building roofs, require very little maintenance and can provide 20 years or more of performance with little expense.

Light weight: Over built-up roof systems, a standing seam roof on a pre-engineered steel building is a very light weight system. This keeps the building loads down and saves on structural steel costs.

Cost: Over built-up roof systems, a standing seam roof is less expensive in required materials and labour to install. A standing seam roof will also save on building design costs and actual building costs.

Energy efficiency: A standing seam roof provides a cavity between the purlins and the metal cladding that is ideal for blanket insulation. Without having to compress the insulation between the purlins and the cladding, higher thermal values are obtained from less insulation keeping the energy efficiency of the pre-engineered steel building to a maximum.

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