The Benefits of Steel Building Maintenance

The Benefits of Steel Building Maintenance

How to ensure your steel structure stands stronger for longer

Not only is steel one of the most durable, environmentally friendly, time-efficient, and long-lasting building mediums, it is also one of the most cost-effective! The lower cost of building your structure with steel starts from the ground up: Steel can be obtained at a much lower cost in comparison to concrete or wood. In addition, buildings made of steel are more cost-efficient and easier on your power and heating bills.

One of the most attractive attributes of a steel building is the ease of maintaining them. They are very weather-resistant and able to withstand the elements with minimal issues. If the owner takes care of their steel building by maintaining it, it will last a very long time.

One of the most important parts of maintaining your steel structure is keeping the inspections of your building up-to-date. Inspections are typically done twice a year. If your building is in a coastal region, subject to high-humidity, or substantial pollution, inspections may need to be conducted more frequently.

Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Steel Building

Walls and exterior

  • Clean your steel building once a year. Dirt can get into the walls of your structure when it rains and the gutters become clogged. You can clean the outside walls with a pressure washer on a low-pressure setting and a cleaner recommended by the company that maintains your building. Cleaning the dirt off your structure will prevent mold from becoming an issue.
  • The nuts, rivets, and screws that hold your structure together can become loosened over time so it’s wise to check for any loosened or rusted fasteners. If there is rust, replace these fasteners as soon as possible before the situation becomes worse. You can buy new fasteners and replace them yourself or enlist a professional to assist you.
  • Caring for the insulation of your structure is another important part of steel building maintenance. If the insulation is in bad shape, it can impact your electrical bills, lead to corrosion of the steel walls and fasteners, and potentially cause mold. If you notice any signs of deterioration in the insulation of your structure, be sure to call a professional right away.
  • The exterior paint on a steel building is very resistant to the elements but if it becomes damaged, consult a professional to fix any dents or scratches. There are also sealants available to further protect your steel building from harm.
  • Clean the gutters of your building like you do your home. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, the debris in your gutters can lead to a buildup of dirt and moisture within the steel.

Roof Maintenance

  • Please remember to exercise caution when walking on the roof of any structure.  Always make use of safety equipment and fall protection gear.  Do not walk on gutters, light-transmitting panels, or any other roof flashings.  They do not safely support the weight of a person.
  • The roof of your steel building should be inspected if: There has been severe weather in your area, vandalism, and after any disruption such as a structure fire. It is wise to inspect the roof of your steel building if workers of other trades have been operating on it. Chemicals, excessive foot traffic, and sharp metal stuck in the soles of work boots can cause damage to your roof.
  • Always consult the contractor who built your steel building before making any repairs to the roof on your own. Some commonly used seam-sealers, like caulking, can damage the steel.
  • Check to make sure that water is draining from your roof. Keep the area free of debris, and do not install anything on the roof that allows water to stagnate.
  • It is recommended to remove snow that has built up on the roof of your steel building if it has reached 50% of the safe maximum snow depth. Please consult the manufacturer of your steel structure for more information about safe snow removal.

Painting and Touchups

  • A full repainting of your steel building will void the manufacture’s panel finish warranty.
  • You can retouch a damaged surface on your steel structure by cleaning the area with water, sanding it with a Scotch-Brite pad, then using a lint-free cloth with acetone to prep the surface. Wait for the area to dry and use a small brush with non-aerosol paint to touch up the surface of the steel.
  • When retouching an area with paint, less is more. Do not use too much paint on your brush, only a small amount is required.


  • It is the owner’s personal responsibility to ensure their safety while working on or inspecting their steel roof. Do not walk on light-transmitting panels, such as skylights.
  • Be aware that dirt can obstruct the viewing of these panels and hide them. While you’re up on the roof, always be mindful of where you are walking.
  • Clean your panels (skylights) as needed with a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • During your inspection of the roof and light-transmitting panels, don’t forget to check and clean your gutters of debris. Be sure to use gloves to protect your hands while you remove debris such as tree needles out of the gutters. Then you can use a hose with medium to high pressure to rinse them out.
  • Inspect the doors of your steel building when you conduct your inspections and after a major storm or other situations that may have caused damage. If you need to replace the doors, make sure you have at least two people to complete the job safely.
  • The windows of your steel building are very low maintenance. Include them in your inspections, lubricate the tracks if they are difficult to open, and remove old seam sealers (caulking) and reapply when needed.

The most important part of maintaining any structure is conducting regular inspections to ensure your building and its accessories are in good condition and there aren’t any problems.

Although steel buildings are easy to upkeep, they still require your attention from time to time.

Nevertheless, even the strongest steel buildings need a little help to keep them in pristine condition. Taking the time to maintain your structure is worth it in the long run. The quality work that we provide ensures that your steel building will stand the test of time.

If you need assistance or have questions about steel building maintenance, you have come to the right place! JDG Construction specializes in the building and maintenance of steel structures.

If you are interested in making changes to your steel building, need assistance with building maintenance, or want to have a new steel structure built, JDG is here.

Whether you want to erect a new steel building or renovate your current one, JDG construction has an entire team of professionals that will assist you with every step of making your dream establishment a reality!

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