Energy-Efficient Steel Buildings

Why Energy-Efficient Steel Buildings Are the Most Economical and Eco-Friendly Option for You!

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the best choice for a myriad of different projects for a reason!  They are an excellent choice for a variety of construction needs and industries, such as agriculture, recreation, forestry, air travel, commercial and retail.  Metal buildings are used for many different kinds of structures. You will find them in industrial settings such as warehouses, distribution centers, and large production plants. They are also commonly created to become shopping malls, retail shops, offices, and motels.

There’s a reason why steel is the king of building materials!

It is known that energy-efficient steel buildings are quite affordable compared to other types of structures, but in the last few years, the sustainability and energy efficiency of pre-engineered steel has been garnering much-deserved praise.

This efficiency and sustainability of energy-efficient steel buildings begins at the start of the construction, with the use of raw materials, to the end product.  A pre-engineered steel building is one of the most energy-efficient options to emerge in recent years. Especially since steel production now uses over 1/3 less energy than it did in 1976! We are happy to say that modern steel has rapidly become one of the most energy-efficient building materials to produce.

Did you know that steel can be recycled? In fact, 97% of steel byproducts can be reused!  This is one of the unique things about steel as a building material.  Since it is recyclable, steel is kinder to the planet and also cuts down on the cost of materials. In addition, steel can almost always be locally made, this process cuts down on energy usage, as well as shipping costs.

Energy-Efficient Steel Buildings

Energy-efficient steel buildings are easily customized depending on what type of structure you want.  They are low-rise buildings that are capable of achieving significantly large clear space and towering height. And steel structures can be made in a diversity of different architectural styles, which can give your energy-efficient steel building a unique look and beautiful esthetic.

Energy-Efficient Steel Buildings Offer Versatility and Strength

Need a building that lasts a long time and is produced quickly? Energy-efficient steel buildings are quickly erected, making the timeline for your project a fraction of what other building materials, like concrete or brick, would require!

Pre-engineered steel buildings are leading the way and as a result, they are often eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) design credits, which means additional savings on construction for steel building customers.

The construction process isn’t the only energy-efficient and economical attribute of pre-engineered steel buildings, as these structures provide proven increased cooling and heating efficiency! When the appropriate insulation is used, these awesome steel structures can accomplish higher R-values than other buildings made from various materials.

Steel is made to withstand the elements, so your energy-efficient steel building will provide better protection from heat loss and render efficient cooling as well. Steel is such a versatile material, so these buildings can be tailored to suit any climate and insulation need. This will ensure your building is up to code for thermal value and green building!

If you live in a climate with extreme weather, never fear! Our energy-efficient steel buildings can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and still stand tall and strong for 20 to 30 years, even though they require very little repair or maintenance.

Steel is unmatched when it comes to fire safety!  Since steel has a melting point of approximately 1500°C (2700°F). In a typical fire, such as in a residence or commercial building, the maximum temperature of a fully developed fire will not likely exceed a range of 800 to 900 °C (1,500 to 1,650 °F).  So steel keeps your livelihood and possessions safe from damage! Steel is also a non-combustible material and thankfully does not burn, and this ensures that your energy-efficient pre-engineered steel building will remain safe in the event of a catastrophic fire.

Finally, steel holds up against corrosion and can sustain even the harshest weather conditions, which means most steel buildings require very little maintenance and repair, even after 20 or 30 years. Not only is steel budget-friendly, easy to erect, and safer, but it has incomparable features, such as strength, durability, and 100% recyclability. This and many other reasons are why energy-efficient steel buildings are rapidly becoming the #1 choice for commercial structures worldwide!

JDG Construction is a Vancouver-based company specializing in steel buildings. JDG provides a range of steel building services including design, construction and renovation for both small-scale and large-scale projects. JDG serves customers in British Columbia, as well as customers throughout Canada and the United States.

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JDG Construction Management - the Vancouver Steel Building Company that specialized in steel construction buildings. In their 35-year history the company has introduced new building designs with guarantees of using the highest grades of steel available and competitive pricing. JDG Construction has successfully constructed steel buildings in Canada and the United States including: Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario in Canada, and the States of Washington and Nevada in the USA.
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