JDG Construction Awarded Shipyard Modernization Project

Seaspan ULC, British Columbia’s leading marine transportation company has awarded the experts at JDG Construction Management five steel building contracts for its Shipyard Modernization Project, currently underway. The Shipyard Modernization being undertaken at Vancouver Shipyards is to develop world class shipbuilding capability to support the Federal Government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

JDG has been named the successful proponent for the highly sought-after building contract with Seaspan, which includes five new steel buildings to be built on the 35-acre Vancouver Shipyards site. This project is a major upgrade to the existing facilities and includes not only new buildings, but support systems as well.

Work on the first building, the Subassembly shop, began on April 1, 2013 and is slated to be completed by June 28, 2013. The Subassembly shop will be used for raw steel storage, plate cutting and processing of parts for ship construction. This building will be 47,000 square feet.

The 7800 square foot Water Treatment Plant will be constructed second and include a quick construction timeline, beginning on June 10, 2013 and reaching completion by June 24, 2013.

Next is the Maintenance Shop, which will feature a 10-tonne bridge crane. Construction on the 6000-square foot Maintenance Shop will begin July 1, 2013 and wrap up on July 30, 2013.



The fourth construction project will include the Block Assembly Shop. It will be custom-built to accommodate the production of curved panels and three-dimensional blocks. This shop will be 62,919 square feet with production beginning on July 22, 2013 and wrapping up on November 1, 2013.



The final build, the Pre-Outfitting and Blast Paint Shed will be the largest structure of the five projects, encompassing 137,000 square feet. The Pre-Outfitting portion will house storage, trade and office facilities, while the Blast Paint side will be used for painting new blocks for vessel construction. Construction will begin in October 2013 and come to completion in April 2014.

JDG construction began as a small company in 1985, servicing the Vancouver steel building market and has since grown to offer a wide range of steel building services across Canada and the United States. Although the company has grown, JDG has been praised for their dedication to customer service.

“With a dedication to quality and service that runs deep in both companies, the Shipyard Modernization Project will mark the rebirth of a once thriving shipbuilding business on the BC coast.”

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JDG Construction Management - the Vancouver Steel Building Company that specialized in steel construction buildings. In their 35-year history the company has introduced new building designs with guarantees of using the highest grades of steel available and competitive pricing. JDG Construction has successfully constructed steel buildings in Canada and the United States including: Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario in Canada, and the States of Washington and Nevada in the USA.
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