Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Is a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Right for Your Next Project?


All about Pre-Engineered steel buildings and what they can do for your business

With construction costs at an all-time high, a pre-engineered steel building is becoming a more popular option.  But is this type of structure the right choice for the project you are about to embark on?


What Is a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

A pre-engineered steel building is manufactured in a factory. Portable and easy to construct, they are factory-made and can be easily relocated and assembled in the location of your choice. Pre-engineered steel is a great alternative to wood or concrete, because of the numerous cost-efficient benefits of steel as a building material.

Retail Commercial Athletic Recreational steel Buildings

Weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, and economical are just a few words to describe steel as a building material. Steel keeps your building protected from the elements and will potentially lower your energy bills.

Pre-engineered steel buildings have an adaptable design and can be customized to suit your needs. Since they are factory-made and then reassembled at the location of your choice, they are built to maximize space and efficiency.

Although steel as a material can be expensive, pre-engineered steel buildings are cost-effective because they are a Ready-to-Assemble structure. This will cut down on the labour and material cost that is involved when building a steel structure on-site and from scratch.


What Types of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are Available?

One of the challenges of designing a building is choosing the proper material and method of construction. Do you use steel, wood, or brick? Do you build from scratch?

Pre-engineered steel is actually a suitable choice for any structure, from a small office building to a large-scale warehouse. It’s versatility and on-site construction makes pre-engineered steel buildings a cost-effective choice that is appropriate for the majority of architectural projects.

JDG Construction can provide these and other types of pre-engineered steel buildings.


Manufacturing & Industrial Steel Buildings

Our team will work with you to meet the unique goals you have for the completion of your manufacturing or industrial facility.

While the versatility of pre-engineered buildings makes them less cost prohibitive and efficient than other architectural options, they are still highly customizable. A JDG building will ensure the smooth operation of your facility by producing a building that incorporates your specific needs—from a functional layout that meets height and weight requirements to proper dock spacing and integration of cranes. Steel buildings are unique in that they blend both cost-efficient, durable materials while still being easily adaptable to the distinct needs of each project and structure. We will help you design a pre-engineered steel building that you are happy with at a reasonable rate.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building


Commercial & Retail Steel Buildings

The type and design of the building you chose will play an important part in executing smooth day-to-day operations of your business, particularly when it comes to commercial and retail facilities.

JDG’s pre-engineered steel buildings offer an attractive exterior and interior layout, flexible design, and the opportunity to maximize space and efficiency for your growing business. Flexibility is a key benefit of pre-engineered steel buildings and why they are so optimal for commercial spaces. They can grow as you grow, without being cost prohibitive for expansion, or require extensive overhauls of existing commercial spaces.


Steel Office Buildings

Steel buildings are designed to provide an efficient work area while creating a great first impression, which are the main goals when you are designing an office space. When the construction process is this easy, onsite labour and project timelines are easily met without extensive trade interruption which will ultimately yield a faster occupancy.

JDG’s pre-engineered steel buildings offer generous space options that may be needed to accommodate enough space for your offices, storage, conference rooms, and any other layout requirements. Our buildings will ensure your staff has enough room to conduct their daily operations in a comfortable and attractive atmosphere.


Recreational and Athletic Steel Buildings

The wide spaces offered by steel building systems are optimal for the open playing quarters necessary for recreational facilities along with adequate space for lockers, lounge and childcare areas, food service, and any other areas you would like to incorporate into the layout of your venue.

JDG Construction’s buildings have been used to house many types of recreational facilities including arenas, ice hockey, climbing walls, swimming, and diving venues, indoor and outdoor soccer fields, equestrian and track and field areas, and other types of recreational venues.


Government Facilities 

Government initiated projects are those that are managed by a variety of different stakeholders–from funding and conception to final completion. JDG construction is seasoned in understanding the unique project needs required of facilities that are municipally or provincially managed. We have a history of building pre-engineered steel buildings that are used as fire stations, community centers, treatment facilities, and institutions.

We strive to design buildings that are versatile, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Our pre-engineered steel buildings are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, and are the superior choice for buildings that serve communities.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building


Warehouse & Distribution Steel Buildings

When designing your warehouse or distribution facility, JDG will ensure you have the large open spaces required for internal operations while delivering an attractive look on the outside. Our buildings come in many dimensions, making them suitable for a small warehouse to a large distribution building.

Our pre-engineered steel buildings will save your company money on material and labour costs while giving you the structure that meets your wholesale needs.


Steel Aviation Buildings

Steel buildings are appropriate for the requirements involved with aviation structures as they can provide higher than 300 feet for an aircraft hangar. Whether you require a commerical, maintenance, or private commerical hangar, our team can design and construct a steel aircraft building that meets your specific needs.

Multiple door systems, mezzanines, office workspaces, and maintenance areas can be adapted into the custom layout of your hangar. JDG Construction will provide you with a cost-effective and well-designed steel building to meet your needs.


Agricultural Steel Buildings

A JDG steel building will not only store your precious livestock and equipment, it will protect them. We are a member of MBMA and CSSBI, with IAS A472 certification and our agricultural buildings meet and exceed the strict requirements of these organizations. Our team will produce a building that is safe, spacious, and ensures the safety of your agricultural investment.


JDG Construction Is Here to Help You

Since 1985, JDG Construction has helped individuals and businesses with the construction of their steel buildings. From government to aviation and agriculture buildings, JDG can construct the best pre-engineered steel building to suit your needs.

JDG’s team can answer any questions you have about the design process of your pre-engineered steel building and complete your project with ease and efficiency.

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