JDG Construction specializes in the supply and erecting of steel buildings, prime contracting of steel building projects and providing design-build services.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical and suitable for many applications. Pre-engineered steel buildings are used extensively in industry, agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars and commercial and retail construction. The use of pre-engineered steel reduces erection time and delivers better quality assurance under all weather conditions. Pre-engineered steel building construction is also very well suited to provide economical construction where large clear spans are required. JDG Construction has provided construction with clear spans in excess of 200 feet

Design build is a project delivery method that allows a single contractor to oversee both the design and construction of the project. Rather than the traditional method of contracting the design of the project to a group of consultants, under a design build system, all the design work is done by JDG limiting risk to the owner, maximizes efficiency of design and schedule and ultimately produces a more economical project for the owner.


[qk_service title=”Pre Engineered Steel Buildings” image=”105″ link=”http://jdgconstruction.ca/pre-engineered-steel-buildings-construction/”]Pre-engineered steel buildings are constructed with main frames, or rigid frames, as the main support structure with secondary, cold form c or z shape girts and purlins to support the exterior roof and wall metal cladding.[/qk_service][qk_service title=”Frameless Metal Buildings” image=”572″ link=”http://jdgconstruction.ca/frameless-metal-buildings/”]These economical metal buildings are generally of the smaller dimensions from 8′ x 8′ to 35′-0″ wide with lengths of 100′-0″ or more. These buildings come in a wide variety of colours, insulated or non-insulated and with liner panels if required.[/qk_service]
[qk_service title=”Design-Build Construction Services” image=”106″ link=”http://jdgconstruction.ca/design-build-steel-construction-services/”]DG Construction provides design-build services for construction including the foundations and buildings to full turn-key from the bare land to full turnkey.  JDG typically hires the consulting professionals such as the Architect and Engineer.[/qk_service][qk_service title=”Renovation Services” image=”710″ link=”http://jdgconstruction.ca/renovation-services/”]Many of our customers have existing facilities to which we provide building additions and/or renovations. Metal buildings lend themselves to future additions or changes economically and can be significantly altered at a faction of the cost of a new building.[/qk_service]


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