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Steel Building Insulation and Why it is Important

The question often arises, should insulation be included in your steel building project, and simply put, and one of the reasons people like the most, is the energy savings you will save over the years you own your steel building. Additionally sound absorption and prevention against condensation top the second and third top reasons for your considered insulation. Steel buildings are the most cost effective, flexible and durable solutions for most building projects and adding the right choice for insulation ensures a barrier between the heat and cold, sound and preventative measures against condensation.

So you are on board with adding insulation, the next question that arises is, which insulation is going to be best for my steel building project? Your choices will be dependent on any unique specifications, location, building type and of course your budget. You want your insulation to have a good R-Value and the JDG project management team are pro’s with aligning these factors to ensure your are getting the best option from the many options of insulation that are available.

A pre-engineered building that includes the correct “R” value insulation will break the hot or cold air transfer, absorb sound and add preventative measures against condensation creating the perfect space for you!

First up in understanding the options for insulation is how each of the options is rated by an “R” value. This value is dependent on the density, thickness and type of insulation and is a standard measurement of the effectiveness to impede or retain hot or cold air flow. The higher the “R” value number the more effective the insulation will be with heat and cold flow and the happier you will be with the energy savings in the summer with lower air conditioning use and in the winter with lower heating requirements.

So what are the options for insulating my steel building?

  • Batt and blanket
  • Loose fill
  • Rigid board
  • Insulated panels
  • Spray foam insulation

Batt and blanket Insulation

“Batts” also known as “blanket” insulation is rolled insulation cut to specific widths/lengths made from mineral fibers of rock wool or processed fiberglass. This option can provide the best value for your steel building insulation, being economical and very effective if installed correctly. Some options of batt insulation have a radiant barrier backing. Both batt and blanket have R-values of R-3 per inch.

Loose fill

Loose fill insulation is is applied using a Blow-in-Blanket system that blows the insulation that is made up small particles of loose fibers or fiber pellets of fiber that is from made from fiberglass or cellulose. This insulation is very effective in getting blown into any space or cavity, forming an air barrier, which is appropriate for locations where it would be difficult to install other types of insulation. Loose-fill insulation has an R-3 to R-4 value per inch.

Rigid board Insulation

Foam “rigid boards” insulation can be cut to a desired thickness and consist of either polyurethane, fiberglass, or polystyrene. Rigid board insulation can withstand high temperatures, good for any climate, effective for dampening noise as well as resisting heat and moisture. The R-value can range from R-4 to R-8 depending on the thickness of the cut.

Spray foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a liquid foaming agent and polymer such as polyurethane that is sprayed, and then expands to fill into any space or cavity, forming an air barrier. The foaming agent hardens to a solid plastic containing air cells. Some installations of spray foam insulation can have twice the R-Value per inch or traditional blanket insulation.

Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panel insulation eliminates the need for any other type of insulation. An insulated metal panel is a single-component panel consisting of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two metal panels. These insulated panels are lightweight, offer fast installation, unprecedented insulating properties, and streamlined architectural appearance. Insulated metal panels are available in a variety of colours, widths, profiles and finishes, allowing any aesthetic desired for walls and roofs.

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