6 Amazing Reasons Steel Is the Best Building Material for Any Structure

6 Amazing Reasons Steel Is the Best Building Material for Any Structure

Steel buildings have a definite advantage over traditional buildings for several reasons. These are just some of the benefits of prefabricated steel buildings and why they are the best choice for your next dream structure!

Save Money by Choosing Steel

During the making of prefabricated steel buildings, all the components of the structure are cut to the right size in production, so they can be easily assembled and the cost of labour involved in construction is significantly reduced.

The construction of a steel building is much cheaper when compared to traditional structures such as brick and concrete. The metal used to make a steel building can be procured and casted at a much lower cost in comparison to wood, bricks, and cement.

Steel buildings have metal roofs and are coated with heat-deflecting coatings. So, the heating and cooling costs are much lower when compared to traditional buildings. Moreover, the metal is not prone to damage by insects and termites. This means the monthly and yearly maintenance costs will be much lower.

Another major benefit is lower insurance costs!  Steel buildings can withstand damage from, blizzards, rainstorms, high winds, fire, lightning, mold, termites,and natural disasters. Due to this, most insurance companies will offer a significant discount on insurance rates for steel buildings. Some manufacturers are so confident in their steel buildings that they offer a 25 yr warranty on their prefabricated steel buildings!

Steel Buildings Are Energy Efficient  

Prefabricated steel buildings are energy efficient as they remain cool during summers and warm during winters because of their special “R Value” insulation.  Metal roofs will reflect solar energy and heat, while simultaneously keeping heat in during the winter months.  In the summertime months, the solar energy from the sun will hit the metal roof and is immediately deflected.  This will result in lower cooling bills!

In addition, prefabricated steel buildings are manufactured and assembled with less waste material than traditional buildings made from materials like concrete or brick.  Approximately 2 percent for steel compared to 20 percent for lumber!  Without the need for on-site cutting, drilling or preparation, material waste is virtually non-existent.

steel buildings -prefabricatedDid you know that steel is the most recycled material in the world? Modern steel has quickly become one of the most energy efficient building materials to produce. Any new steel building currently made is constructed by using recycled steel from another project! Not only will a prefabricated steel building be energy efficient, but since steel is an endlessly recyclable material, it is the best choice for your next project and a healthy choice for the planet.

Steel Is Built Strong to Last Long

Despite their light weight, steel buildings have the highest strength to weight ratio compared to all other building materials!  It has been determined that steel building components are 50% lighter than wood. As they are lighter than traditional mediums, it is found that steel reduces footing and foundation requirements.

Normally, 4″ x 3″ base angle is given to the foundation and this further protects the slab while it simultaneously adds strength and stability to buildings. Steel can be engineered to withstand seismic and wind ravages. It is non-combustible and so will not ignite. It is impenetrable, so mould and mildew do not grow.

As mentioned above, steel buildings can withstand some of the greatest threats to the average structure such as fire, damage from natural disasters, freak accidents such as trees falling on them, and high winds. Steel buildings can even withstand peak wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour and snow loads up to 120 pounds per square foot, making them the ideal choice in any climate.  Built strong and standing as tall as you want them to be, you know whatever happens, your steel building will get through it!

Want to Save Time? 

During construction, all of the steel pieces for your building are already cut to appropriate sizes, drilled and welded so that they can be easily bolted, screwed and assembled together. This not only will save you time and money, but it also reduces the risk of human error during the construction process.

Steel is prefabricated and framed steel structures can be shipped to the construction site. This will shorten construction time which will be more cost effective and will ensure that the construction of your building will not take more time than you can allow.

This makes choosing steel as a building material, a time saver from the beginning!

…With a Hassle Free Experience? 

Prefabricated steel buildings are the easiest way to go! With the risk of human error lessened due to the parts being precisely measured in production, you won’t be wasting time going back-and-forth with your chosen producer about fixes.  Also, due to its ability to withstand natural disasters, termites, and other issues mediums like wood and concrete are prone to, this is less time and money spent which equals less hassle!

Steel buildings also offer you flexibility which makes changing the building’s attributes hassel free! Due to their modular nature, metal buildings can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively by simply dissembling one end wall and adding clear span sections. Any prefabricated building up to 10,000 square feet can be dismantled, relocated or sold easily. With a variety of roofing and wall panel options available, architects have unlimited possibilities available to make your pre-engineered building look exactly the way you want.

Also, the maintenance of steel is significantly less bothersome than other structures making it the top choice for anyone who just doesn’t have the time and/or money to be constantly repairing or checking their structures for problems. Prefabricated steel buildings only require minimal upkeep to ensure they continue to stand stronger for longer.

Another wonderful bonus about steel is that it is 100% recyclable which means there are no wastages and losses!

Keep Your Occupants Safe 

Since steel buildings can withstand the rigours of extreme weather, they are the safest choice available in construction today.  Believe it or not, they are also earthquake resistant and can protect occupants even from earthquakes that measure high on the Richter scale!

Since steel is a fire-resistant material,  a fire will spread slowly through a steel building. While other buildings made from materials like wood can be easily burnt to the ground, steel is virtually flame retardant. While steel doesn’t typically attract lightning, if lightning does strike the roof by any chance, it will quickly be deflected to the ground due to steel’s low resistivity!

When choosing a medium for your next building, you will want to ensure the safety of your occupants. Steel is the best choice for the planet, for your pocketbook, and most importantly, for the safety of the people who will be working and occupying your business.

Want to Learn More? 

JDG Construction specializes in the supply and erection of pre-engineered steel buildings. These buildings are wildly used in agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars, and commercial and retail construction. If you would like to learn more about how a steel building could be perfect for your next project, you can contact us here.

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