JDG Builds Steel Buildings for The CRD Residuals Treatment Facility

JDG Construction is delighted to be a part of a project that will contribute to the health of the planet. They have built a series of steel treatment facility buildings within the District of Saanich.  This area is owned by the Capital Regional District (CRD) and houses a solid waste disposal facility.

The residuary solids from the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Plant will be moved to the CRD Residuals Treatment Facility at Hartland Landfill, where it will be treated and converted into Class A Biosolids.

Class A biosolids are dewatered and heated sewage that meets the Canadian Fisheries Act’s criteria for being applied to our land without restrictions. Class A Biosolids can be used legally used as soil for gardens and fertilizer.

JDG has developed a total of six steel buildings for this beneficial project. The steel treatment facility houses the advanced equipment required for wastewater management.

Their environmentally friendly steel buildings include:

  1. The Residual Handling Building, which has pitched and flat roof portions.
  2. The Dryer Building which comes equipt with a flat roof with two different height portions.
  3. A Digester Building that has a flat roof.
  4. The Equalization Building, which has a pitched roof.
  5. The Water Pump House Building also has a pitched roof.
  6. The Operations Building, which has a flat roof.

Steel buildings are an excellent choice for a project like the CRD Residuals Treatment Facility because they are durable, environmentally friendly, and much more cost-effective than concrete, wood, or brick. Steel buildings are also easier to maintain and care for than other types of structures. Since steel buildings can be customized with skylights and solar panels, they are also very environmentally friendly, perfect for a project like CRD’s Residuals Treatment Facility.

Steel treatment facility CRD’s Residuals Treatment Facility

Wastewater treatment is an asset to maintaining our planet’s health. Since this process significantly reduces the amount of waste being released into the atmosphere, the water treatment process helps prevent the health hazards that result from a polluted environment.

The high-quality byproduct that will be produced by the CRD Residuals Treatment Facility will be an invaluable energy resource. Elizabeth Scott, the Deputy Project Director with the CRD Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project had this to say about the process, “You have micro-organisms there that breakdown those solids further and produce biogas, that biogas is used to heat the solids that remain and it produces a dried, granular product.”

The CRD plans to create an implementation procedure to guarantee that biosolids are managed under a long-term management strategy by December 2025.

This state-of-the-art Residuals Treatment Facility has been thriving, and they have completed work on the wastewater treatment plant, the Residuals Treatment Facility, and updates to the site’s conveyance system.

The Hartland Resource Management General Partnership (HRMG) is designing, constructing, and financing the CRD Residuals Treatment Facility. The location of the steel treatment facility was selected in 2013 by the Capital Region District after a thorough evaluation of potential areas. They wanted to find a site that met their technical, environmental, and social requirements: Saanich is a perfect place for their project to grow.

JDG Construction is proud to be a part of the CRD’s Residuals Treatment Facility which will assist in minimizing pollution and help to fight the global environmental crisis that the planet is currently experiencing. Not only is this steel treatment facility environmentally beneficial, but it also converts your waste into a valuable alternative energy resource.

Contact JDG Construction to arrange an appointment, or let us know your requirements for your next metal building and request a quote, and we would be happy to show you the benefits of utilizing a steel building for your next building project.

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