JDG builds steel construction for world-class climbing gym

JDG Construction proudly participated in designing and building the large steel construction that houses The Boulders Climbing Gym. It was created specially to support the impressive 18 meter high climbing wall frame and is now recognized as a world-class facility.

steel construction - JDG Construction proudly participated in designing and building the large steel construction that houses The Boulders Climbing Gym

The Boulders Climbing Gym is a not-for-profit society located in Central Saanich, BC. Their goal is to make climbing accessible for everyone, regardless of physical skill or ability to pay. It is a is a community facility that provides adaptive recreation and rehabilitation programs, youth recreational programs and competitive programs, as well as facilitating a climbing academy at the Stelly’s Secondary School that is located next to.


The addition of this large steel building to The Boulders Climbing Gym increased their capacity to over 13,000 square feet (1,208 square meters) of climbing space. JDG’s steel construction was built specifically for this purpose, the walls reaching 67 feet tall, 45 feet long and 72.1 feet wide. Its frame was designed to support the 18-metre high competition climbing wall, with a clear span Interior frame and a tapered exterior column. The Boulders Climbing gym is one of the only facilities of its kind in North America.


For competitive programs, it was designed with a 50’x50’ self-supporting vertical lift door. This opens up to allow spectators to view into the building for important events, and since it’s development it has been a host to a many, including the Western Youth Climbing Championship, and the 2013 World Climbing Championships.

The standing seam metal roof was built with insulated metal panels, a 9-foot slope and soffit overhang that extends around the full building perimeter. It was designed with safety in mind, so the construction includes a ladder for roof access, a hatch, and a rooftop fall protection system.

Like the roof, the walls are constructed with architectural insulated metal wall panels for superior insulation, construction efficiency, and long-term building performance. The insulated metal panels are 3 inches in thickness, with a 26 gauge. The walls also include double-walled translucent wall panels.


The impressive steel construction created by JDG Construction gave The Boulders Climbing Gym the space and strong foundation to develop a world-class climbing gym that has increased the potential to grow the sport locally and produce international-caliber climbers. Central Saanich Mayor Alistair Bryson once claimed “Boulders facility is one of the best, if not the best, climbing training gym in North America” and since it’s construction, Central Saanich has been named the “Competition Climbing Capital of Canada.”

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