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Walls of Steel: JDG’s First-Class Post-Disaster Steel Firehall

JDG Construction proudly took part in the construction of the substantial East Sooke Steel Fire Hall for the East Sooke Fire Department. Dubbed “the post-disaster building”, the all-steel construction was built and designed with state-of-the-art techniques to stand up against any imminent natural threats; such as forest fires, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes endemic to the surrounding area.

The East Sooke Steel Firehall project
was completed in contribution with Verity Construction who were the general contractors. JDG Construction were subcontracted for the project in order to supply, construct, and install the steel firehall building.

Strength, longevity, durability, and protection! These are the main factors which JDG Constructions had in mind while modelling and assembling the resistant steel firehall facility. The two-story spacious 11,000 square foot steel firehall accommodates six fire vehicles; with six bays each full of tenders, fire engines, a first-responder vehicle, and a trailer. The steel structure was built in 2015 and it is 82 feet in width by 84 feet in length. On top of the steel building sits a large hose tower. There is a 3000 square foot mezzanine inside the firehall to maximize space utilization.

The steel firehall building is strategically located in New East Sooke on high grounds in order to protect the construction as well as the people who might use it as a refuge from possible earthquake, flood, or tsunami threats. The building is considered by the community as a shelter in case East Sooke is challenged by natural disasters.

steel firehall building JDG Construction

The steel firehall facility also includes several features within its impenetrable steel walls; such as a radio room, rack room, classrooms, laundry and storage room, a kitchen, activity room, washrooms and three offices. The East Sooke Steel Firehall is large enough to accommodate the 28 in-house firefighters, as well as the entire East Sooke community in case an emergency strikes.

The complete process of construction took two years in order to prepare, design, and construct the steel firehall building. The firehall retains the least cost per square foot amongst all of firehalls in the surrounding area.

JDG was immensely proud to be part of such a modern and innovative steel building. JDG Construction were able to truly provide an impeccable final product and superior quality construction; the steel walls of which will stand against and with the passage of time, to protect an entire community.

Consider choosing steel as the key building material for your next building project. Contact JDG Construction to discuss the possibilities, requirements and quotes for constructing a metal building, as they are the go to specialists in steel building construction. JDG would be more than happy to help you with your next steel building project.

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