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JDG offers unique pre-owned steel building service

JDG Construction, Vancouver’s steel building pros, do not just specialize in pre-engineered steel buildings, they also offer the unique service of evaluating, taking down and reselling previously owned buildings.

An article in REED Construction’s news website Daily Commercial News profiles JDG Construction and owner Joe Gvozdanovich and highlights this service which is only offered by a few a pre-engineered building companies in Canada.

While Gvozdanovich admits to Daily Commercial News that pre-owned buildings are not a common request from his customers, some attract more attention than others. The owner of JDG Construction explains one building in particular had a few factors which made it attractive to customers.

“I think it was timing, the irregular shape of the building and its availability on the Internet,” he says.

Using a pre-owned building can cut down on construction time and cuts labour costs significantly.

“Labor is a killer,” Gvozdanovich told Daily Commercial News.

There is also a growing trend toward using recycled materials in building, but Gvozdanovich points out that this is not the impetus behind the growing popularity of the pre-owned building market.

“I don’t think its really anything as glorious as wanting to be friendly to the environment – I think it’s basically just wanting to gain an economic advantage,” says the steel building pro.

But economics and time are not the only factors in deciding whether a pre-owned building is the best fit for a client. A pre-engineered steel building built for one type of weather may not stand up to the weather in a different location.

“You can’t take a building from Richmond and place it in Castlegar” says Gvozdanovich, citing the snow-load rating as something that needs to be considered when moving a building to a new place.

Having been in business 25 years, JDG Construction knows that building codes are regularly being updated and becoming more stringent. Older pre-owned buildings will also have to be brought up to code, along with meeting all of the other requirements of the client.

Even with all of these considerations, sometimes JDG happens to have the perfect pre-owned building to meet their clients needs. Gvozdanovich recalls one such client that needed a unique shaped building for his commercial complex in Manitoba.

“This building was particular – it was an irregular shape,” Gvozdanovich told Daily Commercial News. “He said he couldn’t have picked a better lay-out.”


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